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HIPER Global can help you turn large and data-intensive challenges into powerful HPC and rack-based technologies, all driven by our Design to Delivery methodology.

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Whether on-premise or in the cloud, integrated or custom-built, our portfolio of HPC and rack-scale solutions can optimise performance and free-up resource, providing you with the focus and flexibility to solve the complex problems ahead.

High-performance computing solutions from HIPER Global are purpose-built for specific operational challenges, incorporating the very latest hardware from our network of partners with our first class integration expertise. Scaling up or scaling out, across your organisation or around the world; we offer everything you need to drive innovation, lower costs, and maximise time-to-value.

From extended reality to artificial intelligence to quantum communications, we're here to help you create the future as long-term strategic partners. Whether that's amplifying operational excellence or helping to create the transformative technologies of tomorrow, every step of our Design to Delivery Methodology is at your disposal and can be tailored to precise requirements.

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HIPER Global - High-Performance Compute and Rack Solutions

Our business-critical, high-performance servers are highly configurable, balancing best-in-class processing performance with flexible I/O, making them a great fit for virtually any application.

HIPER Global - High-Performance Compute and Rack Solutions

Precision engineered and enterprise-grade RAID servers can help maximise your data transfer speeds and optimise your operation with scalable, intelligent, and cloud-enabled technologies.

HIPER Global - High-performance Systems-1

We combine hyper-converged technologies with workload-optimised configurations, resulting in mission critical network infrastructure for both edge and data centre environments.

HIPER Global - High-performance Systems-3

Purpose-built for graphics-intensive workloads, our GPU solutions are optimised for client-specific requirements. From machine learning to data analytics to VDI graphics, our engineers can help.

HIPER Global - High-Performance Compute and Rack Solutions

Fully compliant to CPIC standards; when you need the performance without compromising on configurability, rack-mounted CompactPCI architecture is the answer.

When Should You Choose A Custom Computing Solution?

by Saar Blitz, CVP of Technology at HIPER Global

In an article written exclusively for TechTime, our CVP of Technology, Saar Blitz, details the different approaches taken by off-the-shelf and custom computing, and how the latter features improved customisation options prime for HPC and rack solutions.

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We bring together a unique and fully bespoke suite of OEM technologies, solutions, and services, putting your IP at the heart of development to ensure it has everything it needs to succeed. From product advice to solution architecture, HIPER Global's got you covered.

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