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Fully Integrated Rack Solutions

The HIPER Global engineering team excels at crafting comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, covering everything from system-level designs to fully equipped racks.

Our commitment to excellence shines through in the meticulous design and construction of all our racks. This ensures effortless maintenance access, impeccable internal cabling, full documentation, life cycle management, and revision control for consistency across deployments. We can also cater for designs that require deployment in extreme conditions.

Beyond third party hardware and software integration, our team stands ready to assist with everything from customisations to meet and exceed your business objectives to selecting best of breed technology off the shelf with minimal changes. The types of services we can offer include, but are not limited to, personalised paintwork, branding (hardware and firmware), custom bezel and chassis/housing, specific testing, and routing plans – all made achievable through our end-to-end service.

Discover our array of rack cabinet accessories that facilitate power management, remote monitoring, electronic security, and emergency shutdown protocols. For high power scenarios, we can tailor power and cooling appropriate to the application and use case conditions.

Take a look at some of our examples below and talk to a member of the HIPER Global team to discuss your needs in more detail.

HIPER Global - Fully Integrated Rack Solutions

MIL-901E cabinet - certified for shock, vibration, EMC, and corrosion

When partnered with our rugged platforms, this MIL-901E cabinet provides excellent protection against shock, vibration, and corrosion with military certifications for use in harsh conditions throughout the defence arena.

  • NTS tested to MIL-DTL-901E for DSSM drop table test with weight loading of 460 kg
  • NTS tested to MIL-STD-167-1A for vibration
  • NTS tested to MIL-STD-810H for corrosion resistance
  • Shock absorbers fitted underneath and to the rear of the cabinet
  • Heavy-duty construction
HIPER Global - Fully Integrated Rack Solutions

Robust, lightweight, and slim cabinet for broadcast and AV applications

A highly configurable cabinet designed to accommodate up to 47U of 19'' rack hardware with streamlined cable management for improved functionality and ventilation, and a lightweight frame for maximum mobility. 

  • Heavy-duty load capacity to support fully populated racks
  • Multiple door and side panel options for easy maintenance access
  • Integral power distribution, security, and remote management options
  • Castor options to provide added mobility
  • RAL colour and branding options
HIPER Global - Fully Integrated Rack Solutions

Maximum flexibility ideal for high-performance or high-density compute

With a proven record in seismic, EMC, MIL-Aero, and high IP applications, this rugged cabinet is designed to deliver in the most demanding scenarios. Heavy-duty, highly customisable, and incredibly robust; this cabinet is prime for HPC and high-density computing.

  • Heavy-duty welded frame construction – up to 4400 lbs load carry capacity
  • Cable management system for ease of installation, safety, maintenance, and cooling
  • Multiple door and side panel options for easy maintenance access
  • IP55/EMC shielding, heat exchanger, power distribution, and remote management options
  • RAL colour and branding options
HIPER Global - Fully Integrated Rack Solutions

Secure colocation cabinet to protect systems from unauthorised access

With options for 2, 3, or 4 secure compartments, this cabinet is ideal for protecting systems in a shared location or where an extra level of security is required. Each compartment is completely independent from the rest, limiting unauthorised access to operational hardware.

  • Up to 52U high
  • Separate cable trays for power and data to each compartment
  • Multipoint door latch
  • Perforated doors
  • IP20 protection
HIPER Global - Fully Integrated Rack Solutions

Ready-to-use server cabinet for accelerated installations

Prepared for aisle containment with optimised cable management and efficient cooling, these preconfigured racks are ideal for projects requiring a quick deployment, helping to save time and money when compared to a proprietary approach.

  • Preconfigured, ready to use cabinet
  • Static load-carrying capacity up to 1600 kg (dynamic 1000 kg)
  • IP 20 protection
  • Suitable for a variety of IT equipment needs
  • Integrated air panels for front to back cooling
HIPER Global - Fully Integrated Rack Solutions

Alongside rack cabinets, HIPER Global also offer a full range of accessories

  • Intelligent PDU with remote control and monitoring
  • UPS for backup battery power
  • ATS for switch-over to backup supply
  • Rack-level power control and safety cut-out
  • Rack security and environmental monitoring
  • Cable management systems
  • Electronic access control
HIPER Global - Fully Integrated Rack Solutions

We bring together a unique and fully bespoke suite of OEM technologies, solutions, and services, putting your IP at the heart of development to ensure it has everything it needs to succeed. From product advice to solution architecture, HIPER Global's got you covered.

To learn more, simply fill out this short form below and one of our team will call you back shortly.