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Custom Platforms

HIPER Global has over 30 years of experience in developing custom-designed hardware platforms for our clients around the world.

Considering the long-life nature of our solutions, we understand the importance of such partnerships and the intricacies that come with global deployments. This is why our Engineers take the time to intelligently design the best solution for the challenge at hand, incorporating long-life technologies from our network of Tier 1 partners and vendors.

HIPER Global - 4U Rack System

We carefully select each and every partner in our network to ensure they meet the four cornerstones for quality that we instil in every solution - longevity, reliability, global support, and value

Architecture and Design

Choosing the right architecture at the initial phase of the design is crucial. Unlike many of our competitors, HIPER Global has access to a broad range of technologies, granting us the scope to advise the best platform for your needs and avoid overengineering at all costs:

  • Small form-factor fanless systems - low power IoT edge devices designed for remote use
  • 19” rackmount HPC - AI inferencing engines with powerful CPU and GPU capabilities
  • Industrial-grade systems - designed for 24/7 operation in production line applications
  • Military-grade systems - engineered to thrive in harsh environments
  • CPCI-based platforms - where rugged high-reliability is a must
  • PXIe-based platforms - for use in test and measurement scenarios
  • 19” rack-scale solutions - fully populated cabinets

Our Engineers provide a unique insight into how to avoid the many pitfalls of choosing the wrong component or platform. Requirements such as operating standards, redundancies, environmental limitations, and budget are discussed at the design phase and factored into platform definition.

HIPER Global - Architecture and Design

Industry Agnostic

HIPER Global is one of the few companies that can develop new custom platforms for specific geographies and industries, all whilst delivering consistency across build, service, deployment, and support.

With a portfolio of next-generation technologies and a team of specialist engineers, our team can tailor solutions to precise requirements for a variety of industries. Specialist certifications, industry compliances, unique environments; whatever challenges you're facing, our team can help.

HIPER Global - Custom Platforms

Design to Delivery

All solutions can be optimised at the software level, taking into account your performance criteria, environmental requirements, and overall project goals.

Should a rack-scale solution be required, we can architect the internal networking, copper/fibre cabling layouts, design in thermal and power management, as well as recommend suitable switching, storage, and firewall configurations to avoid any unforeseen performance bottlenecks. Alternatively, if the application is IoT-based or hybrid cloud, we can help develop the whole solution.

  • Professional - all designs are fully documented to avoid inconsistency between the first and last delivery
  • Global scale - "Copy Exact" in-line with design documentation, forming the foundation for our global manufacturing system
  • Long-term partnerships - at this stage the Bill of Materials will be frozen, including any hardware or firmware revisions
  • Customer-focussed - once finalised, a Proof of Concept will help with software validation and first article inspection
  • Feedback - after the FAI process has been completed, any changes will be incorporated into the final design
HIPER Global - Design to Delivery Methodology

Global Operations

Offering a single global focal point with multiple fulfilment sites, each with resources dedicated to manufacturing, research and development, logistics, and support, HIPER Global can help bring you closer to your customers.

HIPER Global - Global Facilities
HIPER Global - ISO Certificates

We bring together a unique and fully bespoke suite of custom platforms, OEM technologies, and first class services to ensure your IP has everything it needs to succeed. From product advice to solution architecture, HIPER Global's got you covered.

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